Is orgasm dysfunction connected to Viagra?

Erectile Dysfunction in men has been an issue for centuries. Men who suffer from any stages of this malady do not only deal with the erection issue but they, too, have difficulty cumming. A study involving more than twelve thousand men dealing with sexual impotency, particularly erectile dysfunction, was conducted by Dr. Darius Paduch, an expert on the study of sex who hails from New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center. The study revealed that sixty-five percent of the male who are suffering from erectile dysfunction also suffer from orgasm dysfunction while sixty percent has had issues with ejaculation.

Aside from suffering from this penile issue, quite a number of these men have given details that when they climax, their semen has become lesser in quantity and strength. This issue has been noticed in men who experience mild erectile problem.

The world already knows about the so-called miracle drug called Viagra. Men resort to this type of drug including Cialis and Levitra to address their sexual issues. They take this drug to make better their penile erections. However, Viagra, Cialis or Levitra are not the type of drugs that treats every sexual problem of men. They are mere aids in the culmination of the sexual act but not intended to cure the cause of these penile predicaments.

Being psychologically and emotionally ready for sex are very important factors. The preparedness of every individual sets the score of every sexual performance and sexual sense of responsibility. There are instances that men do not climax although their genitals are perfectly erect. This sometimes occurs due to psychological issues, unpreparedness and stress. Too much alcohol intake and even some medications also contribute to this orgasm dysfunction.

British Journal of Urology International should not just recommend the use of Viagra, Levitra or Cialis to men who suffer from erectile problem. They should also include in their recommendations to ask men to consult a doctor and undergo some counseling and psychological interventions on sexual preparedness and wellness. Men should be reminded that sex is not just mere demonstration of the male machismo.

Dr. Marian Dunn of the Center for Human Sexuality stated that being uncomfortable with their libidos can contribute to various sexual blunders. Being at ease with physical intimacy can make you feel without limits and discover a variety of your sexual drive.

Another thing that can contribute to healthy sex is eating right. Your diet may throw in some undesirable effects during sex. A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lentils and meat will build energy.

Overall health should be taken into consideration by all men and women for them to be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex – physically and emotionally.