Procalis 10mg

Maybe it’s November 15th, 1995 and you’re President Bill Clinton. You’re in the Oval Office, and soon to be underneath your desk is intern Monica Lewinsky. You’ve been staring at her day after day for months, flirting quietly and delicately. You haven’t made any moves, because every move you make is closely watched. Scrutinized. National news. You’re the President, after all… you can never be too careful. So anyway, you’re preparing to get a blowjob in Oval Office – and it hits you: Monica Lewinski is really unattractive.

This is where I tell you to abort mission, Mr. President. First, your instincts are correct on this one. She’s not at all attractive. And secondly, you have NO IDEA how much you’re going regret this decision. Remember Paula Jones? Ginnifer Flowers? Weren’t those great times?

But you’ll probably still go through with it, won’t you? Of course you will. That box of Procalis 10mg in your hand is really giving it away. Don’t try to tell me it’s heartworm medicine for Buddy, Bill. I can see what it claims to do on the side of the box:

Harder erections
Quicker recharge between orgasms
Boosts your sexual urge
Blissful sexual experience
Guaranteed Permanent Results

Procalis 10mg sounds like a great pill, but a quick search of the internet will prove otherwise. Reviews speak of both the product’s commonality and ineffectiveness. The major ingredients of Procalis 10mg are Niacin, Vitamin B6, Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana Seeds, L-Arginine, L-Phenylalanine, Epimedium and Maca. Procalis 10mg is sold through the official website for $80 per bottle, with discounts available for purchasing multiple bottles.

As Monica crouches into position beneath the oak surface of the world’s most powerful desk… Mr. President, I suggest you enjoy every damn moment.