Use Levitra to prevent high cholesterol level

High levels of bad cholesterol are often associated with erectile dysfunction in most number of men. Hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia are some underlying conditions that usually come with erectile dysfunction. For men, these diseases not only add up to their burden of not being to perform well in bed, but also contribute to the reason why they cannot frequently have action in bed. That is why erectile medications such as Viagra and Levitra were created to help them with their erection issues. But they should not lose hope because a group of researchers led by a certain Dr. Martin Miner of Brown University, in Massachusetts has undergone a study in which they experimented with the erectile dysfunction medication Levitra to test if it would do well with men who have high levels of cholesterol. Fortunately, the results were positive and a lot of men can now rejoice. There were an estimated 400 impotent men who all had high cholesterol levels who participated in the experiment. After the 12 week trial, these men who were randomly given Levitra had showed significant success when they tried penetrating their partners and maintaining an erection as compared to the ones who used placebo. Another study was conducted in which Testogel was used in testosterone therapy among 362 50-80 year old men who have been diagnosed with late hypogandism, such as a deficiency in testosterone levels due to aging. Just like with the Levitra experiment, these men were randomly given Testogel and placebo for about 6 months. After the 6 month trial, another 12 month open-label phase was conducted in which all men were given Testogel. The six month trial showed that men who used Testogel had showed great metabolic profiles and were improving in terms of cardiovascular functions as compared to men who were given placebo. During the Testogel all trial, it was noted that testosterone therapy had significantly helped a lot men not only improve their quality of lives, but also better their overall health. Results of the said research were publicized during the 23rd Annual European Association of Urology Congress.